Responsibility claim for attack against Hertz in Athens (translation)

The anarchist hunger striker Giannis Michailidis has been on hunger strike since 23/5 demanding his just demand for release after serving 3/5 of his sentence. For the past 2 months he has received rejection decisions for his just request, while he continues his hunger strike until today with the risk of suffering irreparable damage to his physical health.

At the same time, the state takes provocative decisions by acquitting well-known and socially reprehensible cases of people of the system such as Chortaria, Leventides, Korkoneas, Filippidis and Lignadis.The above cases happen to be taking on dimensions because of the fame of the accused. The state protects and exonerates its own people and its supporters, which is a constant condition. The responsibility of the pro-democratic classes is to remind again and again of their capitalist and patriarchal values. Property is a sacred value of what exists, therefore destruction and vandalism are criminal acts. In contrast, rape of women and minors, state murder at the hands of cops are not as valuable to the state and justice. This was the message we were conveyed by the decisions of their courts in the last period of time. It is probably no coincidence that these decisions were made at this particular time and circumstance.

On the other hand, the authorities avenge and exterminate political prisoners, migrants, Roma and the poor by extending the time of their incarceration, without regard for their procedural and human rights.
Let us be clear, we are talking about a war of different worlds and values with no holds barred, which is why we do not believe in any rule of law.

So as an indicative warning for the next decision of the Lamia council on 25/7 we decided on the 7th week of the hunger strike, at dawn on Monday 11/7, that the flame of the solidarity struggle sets fire to a van of the car rental company Hertz in the area of Vyronas. Hertz supplies the Greek police forces with cars and offers special conditions for oppressive forces worldwide. Removing the Hertz label from the cars of the OPKE jeeps is not enough. Hertz is an enemy of the struggle against repression.

We are here, watching your steps and your movements.
Nothing will go unanswered.

Solidarity with the hunger strikers G. Michailidis, D. Hadjivassiliadis, D. Giagtzoglou

Until the destruction of every cage

The struggle for the freedom of the one is a struggle for the freedom of all


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publié le 18 juillet 2022

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